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Ignore Member Of Round Robin Team

Logan Graham

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@Logan Graham

There is an option in Service Manager > Configuration > Service Desk page to disable assignment within a team, so if you have a team of 4 you can disable assignment to 2 of them. However there is an issue with this that this also disables manual assignment as well.

We have raised a request as an enhancement to allow this to be configurable, i.e. enable/disable auto assignment and manual assignment separately. I find the post and add the link to this.



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On 8/28/2019 at 8:16 AM, Logan Graham said:

round robin to go between 2 members of a team but ignore the other 2 members

Hi Logan,

I'm trying to look into different approach for this.  I was wondering if the 2 users in this team that you want excluded in the round robin, would you want them included in all round robin assignments for this team, or just for requests that use this particular BPM workflow? 

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@James Ainsworth

I would like them just included in the request so tickets can still be assigned to them as part of that team but they do not automatically receive tickets from the round robin as they are senior engineers and the other 2 are the juniors so would receive the tickets first.

On a second note, I see this as a benefit on task's as well as it will reduce the amount of teams that the task's assign to.


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