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Marking Services as Historic


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This is a Request for Change, so that we have the ability to mark a service as Historic where a customer moves to another product.

We have customer who are subscribed to a standard service but then renegotiate their maintenance Contract and go on to a Hosted solution.
Therefore, their Service changes from  XXX to Hosted_XXX

When customer 1st switch over to hosted, they often have open requests, so if we remove those non-hosted services, they won’t be able to view any historic incidents for that service.

If we made the old Service "Historic" customers could still view the current Open Requests but will be unable to log any new requests.

To add to this and to help us to get the New services linked in anticipation of go-live for the customer, it will be useful to have a service in Draft before we publish it, under the Organisation.


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Hi sprasad,

Currently a service has three operational statuses.  Pipeline, Catalog, and Retired.  Pipeline is equivalent to Draft and Retired would be equivalent to Historic.  When a service is set to Retired, the requests associated to that service will continue to be visible to the customer on the portals and to the support teams that are assigned to those requests.  



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