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Measures using Custom Fields as criteria

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At the moment you can only create measures on table objects and not entities (see link below to earlier post), therefore if you are wanting to use a custom field in your selection criteria you will need to do a sub query to include the appropriate request type specific tables which hold the custom fields for each type.

The example below is for a measure we run to return the Response SLA performance based on the analyst who was the owner of the request when the request 'Response Timer' was completed, as this in our case will/may be different from the person who resolves it and completes the 'Resolution Timer'. We store the owner at the former stage in a custom field so therefore need to do the measure criteria against this and not the owner when it was resolved/closed.

h_withinresponse in ('0','1') and 
(h_pk_reference in (SELECT h_fk_reference FROM h_itsm_incidents where h_custom_o='john.smith')) 
(h_pk_reference in (SELECT h_fk_reference FROM h_itsm_servicerequests where h_custom_o='john.smith')) 
(h_pk_reference in (SELECT h_fk_reference FROM h_itsm_changerequests where h_custom_o='john.smith'))

At the moment we are not using the other request types, but the logic applied to prblems (h_itsm_problems), known errors (h_itsm_knownerrors) and releases (h_itms_releases). Note there are also some request specific fields in these linked tables as well as the custom fields, so if you need access to them as criteria the same would apply.

Hopefully the above will help if you have a similar requirement.





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