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I am not sure where this would fit in but guessing System Administration cover all other parts of the Hornbill?

Anyway, I want to raise a request to add a new row onto Asset Type configuration setting.

As we are preparing ourselves for 358 new smartphones that are expected to tomorrow or early next week and deadline is to completed them all and ready to hand out beginning of August so we really only have "8 working days* to complete it. So I want to prepare Excel spreadsheet to be ready for to input information to bulk upload all assets as soon it arrive however I have noticed one missing information that is vital for us and that is storage/memory size of the phone. I was quite surprised that it not on the list as I thought it should be.

However I was puzzled when I downloaded template file and open to see that capacity column is visible (if that is for storage or memory size?), if so where would I see that information which is not visible on any list? Unless I am looking at the wrong place?


Also if possible to add it as soon as possible before the roll out start in August? (would truly appreciate the swift update to reflect this). My workaround at the moment is to put in Description for storage or Model which we do not want to include. 

Aaron :ph34r:

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Issue resolved as it turned out that @samwoo changed Capacity to TIll Manager (For Application purpose with chip and pin devices).

So he have changed it back to Capacity. Can close this post now.

Aaron :ph34r:

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