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Knowledge Management flag when logging on Self Service Portal


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Good Evening

When users log calls on Self Service I have the flag set to allow the experimental Knowledge search to work (guest.app.experimental.portalSearch.service
Enable a more advanced search in the Service Portal by making use of the experimental knowledge feature which can be enabled using the application setting guest.app.experimental.hornbillKnowledgeCentre. Please re-index in order to use this setting)

This is flagging up any FAQ's and and Problems/KE's where I've used the "Publish to Portal" option on the Problem request.

We have now started adding documents to Document Manager (mainly using the built in documents rather than adding Word/PDF etc.) - I'm guessing Knowledge Management searches don't work on these as nothing appears to be flagging up - although I'm sure I've seen examples on here people have posted...?

If its supposed to work do I need to enable something else? If it doesn't search Doc Library can it??



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Hi @SimonSheldon thanks for the post. 

The current self service search returns matches for:

* Known Issues

* FAQ's

* Catalog Items

* Services 

* Any of the end users requests

It is also possible to share document libraries with the existing service portal, and a My Documents menu option will be visible.   This will have it's own Search bar. 

You will need to give self service users the Docmanager Portal role and then share the role with the libraries in document manager which you want to share. 


In the new Employee Portal which we showcased at INSIGHTS 19 a few weeks ago, we will be making a few amendments in this area.

* You will be able to search for documents from the same search feature as FAQ's, Known Issues etc

* You will be able to add widgets to different domain pages (think HR, IT landing pages), which show documents in libraries specific to that domain area. 

The Employee Portal will supersede the  current Service Portal and My Services views.

We are currently working on the Employee Portal and will post back when it will be available for customers in preview mode. 

Hope that helps



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