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  1. Thanks Adrian - I think I've got it working!
  2. I'm having issues with this and am guessing its something i've done wrong with the integration call... In email template the time shows in UK format but with the time at the end... I've added the Integration call to BPM just before it sends the email but its not working... i tried the formatting shown on the Wiki article and as below and neither makes a difference. What am I doing wrong? I ran a query on the h_custom_21 field contents in database direct and its stored as DD/MM/YY HH:MM - and it all displays fine within tasks/call details etc.
  3. I didn't set up our ADFS (and have limited knowledge of how it works) so not sure on that @samwoo but might be worth a look if there's some sort of setting that handles what it redirects back to after auth?
  4. thanks Martyn - I'll have a play (with Dryrun enabled of course! :-) )
  5. @Adrian Simpkins sorry to hijack but would you be able to share how you are setting this on your LDAP import? :-) I need to do the same and have struggled to work out how to do it... Thanks Simon
  6. we've just had the same issue but all back up now...
  7. this works as expected for me... link to https://service.hornbill.com/<instance>/servicemanager/service/9/catalogs/ in a Word document and ctrl+click takes me to that catalog.... I'm using Office 365 ProPlus build 1902. I can see the adfs redirect kick in and then it opens on the the correct service landing page ... A link to the catalog item directly works as expected as well -> https://service.hornbill.com/<instance>/servicemanager/log/9/serviceRequest/33/
  8. Ah... I didn't know that so that's good to know!
  9. You need to add a "Get Request Information" node before the Human Task - the option will then be available to see and select the Flowcodes-Get Request Information-Owner (for Tasks). Cheers Simon
  10. Good to know and have now done the 1st Option as this is probably the better one for us and it works well for what we need.. I'll keep an eye out for a fix when its available. Thanks again Bob! Cheers Simon
  11. Still getting error and still showing as No Owner once I've removed those steps... Timeline is being stamped with manual update stating its been assigned to owner so that node is running....
  12. This all works OK if logged by an Analyst from Raise New who is set to Allow Assign in the 1st Line group as below - is the issue that we're assigning the call to a Team (1st Line) before we then do the auto assign?
  13. Hi Bob This call was logged by me and I'm a member of the 1st Line team but with No Assignment set - I am however a member of 2 other teams with assignment set to on. This was logged from the Raise New button - this is the only option we allow the call to be assigned to creator - any other method (Self Service/Email) it assigns based on Most Available agent and that seems to work no problem.# I'll PM the definition now for you.... Cheers Simon
  14. OK - changed as per your previous post and still failing when it goes to assign the first task based on Owner (for Tasks). This is the error in Analyst portal - fails on task creation and note the owner is set to "No Owner" even though I've modified to use variable... Task assignment in BPM that this is failing on is below:
  15. Thanks Bob - yes the error occurs when it can't assign to the creator (as they don't have the Assign To set) and when it then tries to create the task for the Owener (For Tasks) in the BPM the error appears... which then stops the BPM in its tracks with lots of big red lines! :-) I'll have a look at what you've posted above and see if that works and let you know. Cheers Simon
  16. Morning All I've recently modified our BPM's so that they auto assign based on most available agent but with a caveat that if the call is logged via the "Analyst" method it assigns to the Creator instead. This is causing us some issues in that if a call is logged by some one not in the "1st Line" team, or by someone in the 1st Line team who doesn't have "Assign to" set to on the BPM fails - is there a way of checking and reacting to this? I have changed the "Assign to Team" in the BPM Node to "Auto" but I'm presuming it takes the default Assign to Team from settings?
  17. I keep getting the System Internal Context Escalation Notification error shown below - and no email is sent. The call has an owner and the setting is set with a valid email template... any ideas?
  18. Ah yes that's the one I'd seen! thanks @Steve Giller
  19. We had a user recently who changed her name .. so we changed her login ID and name in AD and this updated in Hornbill as expected... however she then changed her name back to what it was - so we changed her details in AD (name and ID) but the update to Hornbill failed. It updated her handle (first name + surname) but then didn't create a new account using her new ID... Basically the error was can't create account due to duplicate handle - I seem to remember seeing somewhere on here that you could change which fields were considered unique on the import as this isn't a great field to be unique - we do have several people with the same first name + surname combination and my concern is these accounts aren't being created as well.
  20. we've had issues with delays in Chat as well - which is why i'm holding off on deploying at the minute.
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