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  1. I'm getting a few odd things happening with LDAP imports and wanted to have a look at the logs to see what was going on. I've set the log level to Debug to get more detail.... however I can't actually see where I can look at the logs... will they be on the server that the scheduled LDAP command line tuns from?
  2. @Steve Giller Just to say have now mostly sorted this by adding my 1st Line analysts to each of our analyst support groups, allowing them to view and action tasks but removing the right to have calls assigned to them in that group... If a task has been assigned to an analyst in another team directly or accepted by an analyst in that team then they can complete on that analysts behalf, if it has just been assigned to another team they can edit the task and assign to themselves, another team or another analyst in the team so pretty much all bases covered. Thanks for the help on this one!
  3. Hi @Adrian Simpkins I'd be interested to know how you've gone about doing this as its on my list of things to do... Cheers Simon
  4. Yes that might be the answer... part of the issue is 1st Line just assigning certain calls straight to another team without investigating properly first so doing as you suggest gives them time to pause and think about it before deciding what to do. After either auto-assigning based on "most available" or direct to the call logger if the call is being logged on the analyst portal its a fairly simple process as below... so modifying as you suggest will help i think.
  5. Yes that may work - although in theory all of our teams (5 of them) support all or most of the services we currently have so could get a bit messy. I had been thinking of adding in an extra Human Task in the BPM before the main "work task" is assigned and after the initial assignment took place to allow the 1st Line analyst to determine if a re-assignment is required and re-assign at that point before the rest of the BPM carried on therefore meaning the main work task was assigned to the new owner/team... Thanks Steve - food for thought and will have a play!! :-)
  6. Excellent - thanks Steve! We have the separate portal search working but looks like the new portal is what i'm waiting for... Cheers Simon
  7. Good Evening When users log calls on Self Service I have the flag set to allow the experimental Knowledge search to work (guest.app.experimental.portalSearch.serviceEnable a more advanced search in the Service Portal by making use of the experimental knowledge feature which can be enabled using the application setting guest.app.experimental.hornbillKnowledgeCentre. Please re-index in order to use this setting) This is flagging up any FAQ's and and Problems/KE's where I've used the "Publish to Portal" option on the Problem request. We have now started adding documents to Document Manager (mainly using the built in documents rather than adding Word/PDF etc.) - I'm guessing Knowledge Management searches don't work on these as nothing appears to be flagging up - although I'm sure I've seen examples on here people have posted...? If its supposed to work do I need to enable something else? If it doesn't search Doc Library can it?? Cheers Simon
  8. OK - most of the tasks are assigned to the owner of the call in the BPM - using the setting below so that the response timer etc. kicks into effect once a call has been assigned an owner... I can re-assign to a different team with admin rights so is there a specific right that allows this or is it a consequence of being admin user? Would be very handy for our 1st line people to be able to do this as we have just implemented the auto assignment of calls to 1st line in the first instance so once the call is assigned to them the first task auto assigns to them as well. If they then need to either assign the call to another team or just the task this causes issues as the call can be re-assigned but the task can't unless someone with admin rights does it.
  9. I have created a new Role that has "Advanced Task Completer" rights so my 1st Line analysts can re-assign tasks to different groups/analysts but it doesn't appear to work... The 1st Line Analysts are assigned the role which gives them them the "advanced request task completer" right but they still can't click on edit and then assign to a different analyst/group so this ends up being done by the SD Manager... any ideas? the option in settings for the experimental option has been turned on.
  10. just as a matter of interest where is the "cancelling activities if the parent call is cancelled" setting? Is this usually on by default?
  11. I've just implemented the automatic assigning of calls via BPM to Most Available Analyst and have a couple of questions. 1. I've left the "assign to offline" on for now but if I turn this off and no analysts are online when a call is logged via Self Service does it just sit and wait for someone to come online? 2. My analysts sometimes "forget" to log out and the end of the day - can this be forced in the Admin section at all? Thanks in advance...
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