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Initiate Teamviewer, Remote Assistance or similar from Service Manager

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@Steven Boardman @Victor @Gerry - Firstly, thanks for your time at Insights 19. Sorry for shamefully tagging you all but wasn't sure who'd be best placed to answer this. I noticed at Insights that Teamviewer now has a native iBridge option within Hornbill. Have there been any further developments on how to instigate a TeamViewer session from within a request? In theory could a custom button be added to assets to initiate the teamviewer session, as long as the teamviewer hostname matches a field from the asset?

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Hi @dwalby,

TeamViewer sessions can be started from a request. With the Custom Button functionality within requests, you could start a TeamViewer session with config similar to the below:


This would create a new TeamViewer session, then write the details to the request timeline and a popup too. Once the Auto Task functionality is released (that Gerry previewed at Insights), you'll actually be able to automate the sending of an email to the customer containing the TeamViewer customer link too, removing manual steps :) 



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