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Gemma Morrison

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We have created a board to see which requests will breach within the 72 hours (3 days) before the Service Level Agreement.

Our SLA’s vary from 15 days for low priority and 5 days for medium priority jobs.

As of yet, no requests are showing on the board.

However to test the board, I changed the parameters and added one of our higher SLA’s.

Higher SLA’s have to be resolved within 18 hours and I changed the board to show jobs that were due to breach high SLA within the next 17 hours 55 minutes.

This worked and jobs were showing on the board when about to breach.

When changing the board back to 72 hours, again nothing shows.

All this can mean is that no jobs are about to breach SLA within the next 72 hours. However we run monthly reports and multiple jobs do breach their SLA, so I am slightly confused. Could someone advise if I am missing something please?

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Hi @Gemma Morrison

Without looking at the config I can't be sure, but my instinct would be that the Escalation Event triggering the target is, like most timers, taking your Working Time Calendar into account.
If an SLA is based on a 24/7 calendar then each hour will represent an hour of "real time" but if it is based on, for example, a 9-5, Mon-Fri calendar then any time outside of those hours will not count.

For example, on a 24/7 calendar, 72 hours is 3 days, but on a 9-5, Mon-Fri calendar 72 hours is nearly 2 weeks after taking into account the actual working time.

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