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Duplicate data being written to Timeline

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Can someone look into this please and see if I have unearthed a bug...

We have a 'Human Task' in our Incident BPM called "Investigation and Resolve".

When looking at the timeline in the Incident, the outcome answers are being logged twice in the timeline update.


Here is the config behind the outcome called 'Completed'


Example of timeline entry


When I clicked on the blue 'Investigation and Resolve' link in the timeline entry, this is what I got.


Any ideas please folks...???  This is happening every time this outcome is chosen in the "Investigation and Resolve" task/activity.



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On 6/12/2019 at 5:27 PM, Steven Cotterell said:

@Victor - Yes we do...  Do you have a theory?

Hi there @Victor,

It was great to meet up with you and all the others at 'Insights 19'.  We discussed this one and it was thought to be a potential 'presentation' hiccup.

How do I go about getting this formally followed up please?



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8 minutes ago, Victor said:

@Steven Cotterell looks like I need to better manage my plate... forgot about this, sorry ... I'll have a look... for real this time :D 

The parallel universe is completely... umm... fictitious... :D 

Aw, shame.... maybe people could learn a few things from the parallel world.... :D

Thanks @Victor

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