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Show Co-Worker's "Attribute 1" field

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Hi Giuseppe,

When viewing the Co-worker About form, you need to click on the Design button.


Then, in the section where you want to add the field, click on the +


When picking the section that you want the field to, you need to consider that the Basic Details and the Job Details are always visible, whereas the other sections such as Contact Details can be controlled by the user and can be made so that it is only visible to followers.



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@James Ainsworth thank you for the reply, but this answer only partially to my question. I mean I know how to place the field now in the Co-Workers view but the "Attribute 1" is synced with the AD and it is already populated in hornbill, I just want to show the stored data into the Co-Workers view.
in my example the additional field should show the value "110920" which is my cost center.

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