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Email Notifications not working properly


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Our Analysts don't seem to be getting email notifications for calls when someone replies to emails and the system automatically updates the call.

I've checked on the Wiki site and it suggest its this setting:




This is already set on our:



Can anyone advise why it may not be working for us.   It emails an Analyst if we manually update the call - just not from an automatic update.

Thanks in advance


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There are two settings related to this.  The first that you have mentioned is the emailUpdate which will only send a message if there is an owner on the request. The second setting provides an email to the entire team, which will only be sent when there is no owner.  

You mentioned 'Teams in your post so I wanted to check if you have also enabled this second setting.






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@James Ainsworth We don't currently have the team one turned on but we may do in the future.

I would still expect Owners to receive an email when an automatic update (incoming email auto updates call based on call number) comes in - this isn't happening.  Can you or anyone else help/advise why this might be?



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