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Self Service Portal Questions

David Longley

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When you log into the 'Service' self service portal what is the search criteria which appears above 'my active requests' ? Each time i type anything is get:

We were unable to find any results that matched your search. Click below to return to the My Services Home Page or try searching using a different word or phrase.

 Return to My Services Home page
Also, in the portal, when i click on My Services (top right corner), nothing happens or loads up. Is that correct? 


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Hi @David Longley

What you are seeing here is a federated search on self service.  It is looking for matches too:

* Known Issues  

* FAQ's 

* Services 

* Catalog Items

* Existing requests 

Which match the search term, against services which you are subscribed too. If no results are returned you will see the image you shared and i am showing below:



If there are matches it will appear something like this:


The second issue may be related to the first.  If you are not subscribed too any services this would explain why you get no results when searching on content, and why no services would load when you click on My Services.

If you had subscribed services you would be taken to the view of them, like below. 


Is it possible to check if you are subscribed too any services?


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