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  1. @Victor - we seem to be having this issue as well, any chance someone could take a look please? Do you need me to PM you some examples? Many Thanks.
  2. I have also noticed this Logan.
  3. Ahh OK thanks @Martyn Houghton Definitely worth looking at. If @Victor could confirm that would be great! Andrew
  4. Thanks @Martyn Houghton The only issue we have with this is that some customers insist they are not receiving the password reset email. They are mostly based in Hospitals, so their emails are heavily filtered... Thanks anyway. Andrew
  5. Hi, Which roles would I need to assign to an internal user to allow them to reset customer portal passwords please? Currently only myself and another admin can do this and its not the best use of our time! We have enabled the option for our customers to reset their own passwords, but for one reason or another they don't always seem to be able to follow this process. The user I intend to give the ability to is otherwise a fairly basic 'normal' user and so we would like to minimise access to other admin config items if possible. Thanks, Andrew
  6. Hi @Steven Boardman Thanks for the suggestion. We have thought of doing this, our only issue is that the majority our users are Hospital based and so do not have access to the internet (or if they do, its very restricted). I have managed to get round the issue by re-encoding the videos so they are smaller than 20MB. We are still having an issue of uploading the larger videos (that are nearly 20MB) however, but I'll raise that via the portal. Thanks, Andrew
  7. Hi @James Ainsworth We have a need to upload some files (training videos) to publish to the Customer Portal that are larger than 30MB (current largest is 34MB) is this possible at all? Also, you mention that the limit is now 30MB, however, when trying to increase the 'maxfileUploadSize' setting above 20MB, I am greeted with the following error: Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Andrew
  8. @Victor Sorry I should have given more detail. The ability for the system to continue the resolve SLA timer if the customer marks the request as not being fixed. Thanks.
  9. @Victor @Bob Dickinson Can you confirm if this is something you will looking to resolve in a future release? Thanks.
  10. @Michael Sharp You say this knowing nothing of the nature of our business or our customer base. Thanks for your helpful input...
  11. @Steve Giller Yes that's the one thanks. Do you know if this will be implemented please? Thanks.
  12. Hi, I think this has been raised before but could not find the topic I'm afraid. Our customers are asking if they could have a 'Last Updated' column in the Customer Portal to make it easier to manage their open requests with us. Would this be possible please? Thanks, Andrew
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