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Confirmation A document has been read in a Progressive Capture

Adrian Simpkins

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We have a requirement where we want to present a Customer with some Conditions of Use as a pre-requisite before they move onto the actual Progressive Capture questions - is there a way I can upload this document in Document Manager, then call this at the start of a request and offer a Customer a message like 'Please read the displayed document then confirm you have read it below' ? I could not see how I might be able to call this as part of the PC.

Many thanks

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@Adrian Simpkins i am not sure this is possible i am afraid, however there are some techniques available which might help achieve a similar outcome. 

In the sandbox, there is a cycle to work scheme progressive capture.   The first step in this is to ask the user to confirm they have read / reviewed and understood everything that is involved in this process, and they have a tick box to confirm understanding, see example below:

The Progressive capture, asks them to review the content in the link (in this case a video in an FAQ opened in another tab), and then if it makes sense (Got it question)

If they say Yes it shows a conditional field which spells out again what is means, and asks them to tick to confirm they have read and accepted everything before proceeding.

The acceptance is then of course captured on the request for audit purposes. 

If they choose no the acceptance questions would not show and the business process would involve someone reaching out to help them.


You can review this on the sandbox instance if you think this approach may work for you.


Login as stever and password: H0rnbill

And if you want to look at the progressive capture for this you can view it's configuration here:

https://admin.hornbill.com/demo/app/com.hornbill.servicemanager/workflow/procapture/Cycle to Work Scheme/83/

Login as grahamc and password: H0rnbill

Hope this helps



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Hi Steven

Thanks for the above I will have a review, at the moment I just have a readonly form displaying the contents of the document, and the User is advised clicking Next is confirmation of their acceptance so I have a temporary solution but the above looks more suited so I will have read through.

Many thanks

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