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Hornbill Request Import - Status OnHold

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@Steve G

I am having an issue the Hornbill Request Importer when importing request as status.onhold. From the error I can see that it is needed an 'onHold until datetime', but there is not a field in the import config for this. If my memory servers me right from Support Works days it used the resolved/closed date. Do I just supply the  'onHold until datetime' in the h_dateclosed for those records which are on hold? 

2019/03/07 15:55:37 [DEBUG] Service Cached [Open Objects Historic Incidents] [550]
2019/03/07 15:55:37 [DEBUG] Priority Cached [3]: Low
2019/03/07 15:55:37 [DEBUG] New Service Manager Request: IDXIN00086339
2019/03/07 15:55:37 [DEBUG] Activity Stream Creation Successful
2019/03/07 15:55:37 [DEBUG] Request Log Date Update Successful
2019/03/07 15:55:37 [ERROR] MethodResult not OK: Unable to place request on hold [IDXIN00086339] : FlowCode Exception (com.hornbill.servicemanager/entities/Requests/fc_ops/holdRequest): Input parameter validation error: The dateTime value '' specified is invalid or out of range for element <onHoldUntil> at location '/methodCall/params/onHoldUntil'
2019/03/07 15:55:37 [DEBUG] <params><requestId>IDXIN00086339</requestId><onHoldUntil></onHoldUntil><strReason>Request imported in an On Hold status. See Historical Request Updates for further information.</strReason></params>
2019/03/07 15:55:37 [DEBUG] Retrieving Historic Updates for 
2019/03/07 15:55:37 [DEBUG] SELECT * FROM oohistoricupdates  WHERE callref = 52526



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