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Found 12 results

  1. Please see below image, we choose the correct time in the PCF and when we email taking the date from the PCF it changes it to an hour earlier?
  2. When applying an email to a request, the date and time stamp information is not included in the header information added to the timeline entry. The timeline entry will just show the date and time the email was added to the request, which is fine, but in order to view the email delivery date/time stamp you have to open the request. Can we request the date/time stamp information show in the shared mailbox is embedded in the time line text. This could be a configurable setting to allow this to be turned on or off on a per instance basis. Cheers Martyn
  3. I am trying to find details of the format to enter a static date as part of a decision node custom expression. In the example below we want to change the routing in the workflow when a request is logged against a certain service but only do so from the 1st July. At the moment the custom expression when logged against Service ID 245 is equating as true, even though the date logged is still June. Is there a specific format the date value needs to be entered as for the date/time condition to work? Cheers Martyn
  4. Is there a way to have a decision based on time/date? e.g. we have a process which asks 'when is this person leaving' in a pcf with a date picker. We then use this to put requests on hold until this date, before closing thier accounts etc, however if someone selects a date in the past the on hold node can't cope with this and the BPM fails. So is there a way decision can be made, e.g. is this date (from variable) in the past?
  5. Hello, I am trying to create a report to pull out the next days changes but within the reporting tool i cannot see a way of getting only the next days data. If i use the end of day variable this will pull out all future changes. Does anyone have any idea how to only pull the following days data. Thanks.
  6. Also, we are finding that when putting requests on hold when you are choosing the time, you select the hours and then the drop down disappears and you then have to click back into it to choose the minutes. Can the picker be kept up until you have chosen the hour and minutes so when you click off it disappears?
  7. @Steve G I am having an issue the Hornbill Request Importer when importing request as status.onhold. From the error I can see that it is needed an 'onHold until datetime', but there is not a field in the import config for this. If my memory servers me right from Support Works days it used the resolved/closed date. Do I just supply the 'onHold until datetime' in the h_dateclosed for those records which are on hold? 2019/03/07 15:55:37 [DEBUG] Service Cached [Open Objects Historic Incidents] [550] 2019/03/07 15:55:37 [DEBUG] Priority Cached [3]: Low 2019/03/07 15:55:37 [DEBUG] New Service Manager Request: IDXIN00086339 2019/03/07 15:55:37 [DEBUG] Activity Stream Creation Successful 2019/03/07 15:55:37 [DEBUG] Request Log Date Update Successful 2019/03/07 15:55:37 [ERROR] MethodResult not OK: Unable to place request on hold [IDXIN00086339] : FlowCode Exception (com.hornbill.servicemanager/entities/Requests/fc_ops/holdRequest): Input parameter validation error: The dateTime value '' specified is invalid or out of range for element <onHoldUntil> at location '/methodCall/params/onHoldUntil' 2019/03/07 15:55:37 [DEBUG] <params><requestId>IDXIN00086339</requestId><onHoldUntil></onHoldUntil><strReason>Request imported in an On Hold status. See Historical Request Updates for further information.</strReason></params> 2019/03/07 15:55:37 [DEBUG] Retrieving Historic Updates for 2019/03/07 15:55:37 [DEBUG] SELECT * FROM oohistoricupdates WHERE callref = 52526 Cheers Martyn
  8. in one of our progressive capture the date selector is no more available we receive a denied access, can you tell us why?
  9. Hi, We have the need for the user to choose a date in the future, with the dates available to be selected in the list to be a minimum of 5 work days from now, or beyond. We have customers choosing "todays" date therefore causing issues, in particular with New Starter Requests. Can I request there be an option to set the minimum number of days after "todays" date that can be selected? And if we can have the option to use the Working Day calendar or not too that would be great. Despite having information on the Progressive Capture form, that a date needs to be set a minimum of 5 working days or beyond, users are still not complying with the rule therefore we need the option to force it on them. Thanks, Samuel
  10. The Single Sign On (SSO) validate certificate appears to be using the wrong date when checking if the imported certificate is still valid. We have had issues logging in hornbill this morning due to system triggering that the trust certificate is expired. However, exporting the certificate from Hornbill and viewing it in certificate viewing it has not yet expired; In our case 23rd November 2017 @ 07:36. By temporarily disabling the validation users where then able to get in, so therefore it seems the platform is expiring the certificate 15 days ahead of time. Is there a reason for this? Cheers Martyn
  11. Hello, In progressive capture there is a date and date/time picker available. Please can you include a time only version and also give the ability to switch off seconds for all as this is too specific and unnecessary in most situations. Also if some more thought could be given to the user experience of this form that would be great. A lot of the time it works fine but have had reports from users that it can be fiddly and after doing some testing have to agree with them. Sometimes you can type the time in, sometimes you can't and the minutes and hours don't "snap" to anything particularly useful for an end user (5, 10, 15 etc. or 00, 15, 30 etc). Many thanks, Tom
  12. When creating a manual activity such as call back you are able to specify a date and time, but when creating a Human (manual) Task in the BPM, you can only set a priority and an expiry date, which are both static arbitrary values. Can change request be raised to allow the BPM node to specify a date and time from a variable ( i.e. respond by or resolve by) as well as an arbitrary duration. This way the activities created will be displayed in the correct order in the users 'My Activities'. Cheers Martyn
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