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Found 20 results

  1. Ok, so I'm working on a widget to be displayed on a dashboard, this will give our service desk team an active list they can glance at (should the effluent hit the rotating blades) and gauges if it's linked to an ongoing Change. Yes, I am aware of the change calendar, and yes, I know how easy it is to flick to it etc, but I want to give them a quick (literal) heads-up on the office flat screen. Anyway, preamble done with, this is my SQL so far. Select h_fk_reference AS Reference, h_custom_j AS 'Summary', DATE_FORMAT(h_start_time,'%d/%m/%Y @ %h:%m') AS 'Start Time', DATE_FORMAT(h_end_time,'%d/%m/%Y @ %h:%m') AS 'End Time', h_change_type AS 'Change Type' FROM h_itsm_changerequests WHERE h_end_time > now() My issue is that the table h_itsm_changerequests does not have any natural way of getting the status of the change request. I've had to fiddle getting the summary across as it is (hence the custom variable). Can anyone guide me as to where I can get these absent fields (summary, Status etc.) which are not in the h_itsm_changerequests table? Many thanks!
  2. Can we raise a enhancement request to have the ability to set the Status and Sub-Status of a Routing Rule - Update Request action. We are trying to build Enterprise Service Management (ESM) interactions for both logging and updating existing requests based on incoming emails. Having the ability to communicate intelligently with the request using status/sub status changes would wold make the ESM integration much more flexible and deeper. Cheers Martyn
  3. Can we request an enhancement to add the 'Bulk Actions' to the Asset Management list screen. At the moment the only thing you seem to be able to do when making multiple selection is delete. We would like the options to bulk update elements such as :- State Operational State Used by Notes For example we have annual expiring licenses which we need to alter the State/Operational State of when they expire. Cheers Martyn
  4. @Steve G Would it be possible to form the JIRA 'Comment Issue' to return a status parameter similar to the 'Update Issue' so we can then branch in the workflow based on the outcome. We are to get around the absence of this on the 'Create Issue' node as we can check if the 'key' parameter is set as a means to determine if the integration step was successful. Cheers Martyn
  5. Since the recent collaboration update, users are no long able to save their availability status as Busy. As soon as you set it to 'Busy' it get set as 'Out of the Office' in the corner and on the user's profile page. Can this be fixed please as soon as possible as users are not able to properly set there availability. Cheers Martyn
  6. At the moment when you use the 'Update Request > Status' node to set the status to 'Resolved' the system automatically also marks the 'Response' timer. Can we request that this is configurable as an option, as we would like to be able to set the request to Resolved but not mark the Timer until the request is Closed. The aim of this change is to allow us to use the portal 'Resolved' action which ask the customer to confirm the resolution or advise it is still not working. This stage sets the status back to open so can be used in conjunction with the Suspend Node 'Await Status Change', to await expiry (i.e. no response from the customer) or confirmation either way. Then using the BPM we can return to trying to resolve the issue without having marked the Resolution Timer. Example workflow below. This will of course need related change to the SLA calculation process to take the time whilst at a 'Resolved' status same way as being on hold. This relates to our earlier post regarding the ability to save the Resolution Text and Closure category through the User Interface without having to set the request as resolved. Cheers Martyn
  7. We have noticed that when sending an email to a Customer from a ticket, the status is missing: Does anyone get the same or know how to resolve it?
  8. @Steve G I am having an issue the Hornbill Request Importer when importing request as status.onhold. From the error I can see that it is needed an 'onHold until datetime', but there is not a field in the import config for this. If my memory servers me right from Support Works days it used the resolved/closed date. Do I just supply the 'onHold until datetime' in the h_dateclosed for those records which are on hold? 2019/03/07 15:55:37 [DEBUG] Service Cached [Open Objects Historic Incidents] [550] 2019/03/07 15:55:37 [DEBUG] Priority Cached [3]: Low 2019/03/07 15:55:37 [DEBUG] New Service Manager Request: IDXIN00086339 2019/03/07 15:55:37 [DEBUG] Activity Stream Creation Successful 2019/03/07 15:55:37 [DEBUG] Request Log Date Update Successful 2019/03/07 15:55:37 [ERROR] MethodResult not OK: Unable to place request on hold [IDXIN00086339] : FlowCode Exception (com.hornbill.servicemanager/entities/Requests/fc_ops/holdRequest): Input parameter validation error: The dateTime value '' specified is invalid or out of range for element <onHoldUntil> at location '/methodCall/params/onHoldUntil' 2019/03/07 15:55:37 [DEBUG] <params><requestId>IDXIN00086339</requestId><onHoldUntil></onHoldUntil><strReason>Request imported in an On Hold status. See Historical Request Updates for further information.</strReason></params> 2019/03/07 15:55:37 [DEBUG] Retrieving Historic Updates for 2019/03/07 15:55:37 [DEBUG] SELECT * FROM oohistoricupdates WHERE callref = 52526 Cheers Martyn
  9. Hello This may be a silly question but...is there a way to view who is online and what status they are? We have a few staff members online but the Supervisor wishes to see who is active, in-active, do not disturb, etc. Is there a way to view this? @lokent
  10. I have two questions: How do you get a request to be moved from the My Requests to the Requests Awaiting feedback in the Customer Portal? When a customer updates a job in the portal is there a way to take the request off hold? Regards Jeremy
  11. We are having issues where users are deciding to put themselves 'on holiday' or another code, to stop themselves being assigned calls via the round robin feature. Is there a way we can take this ability away so only admin or managers can do it? Also is there a way to stop users from being able to reassign a call? As some people are just reassiging because they dont want to do the work. (even if there is a way to build in a node for a activity can go to a manger to approve reassigning) Hayley
  12. Afternoon, Is there a way to automatically update the status of a request using workflow? Example When we log Change requests they are assigned to users straight away and have the status of 'Open' These Changes are pending CAB approval. When CAB do approve these requests can the workflow automatically update the status to 'Approved' so users know from their call queue they can action? Many thanks Andy
  13. We currently have widget which displays the Availability Status of our 1st Tier Team on a dashboard, using a custom SQL Query on the h_sys_accounts. We are looking to expand this and wondered if the Online Status i.e. Active or inactive is held in the database as well, or is this a dynamic content held only in the application itself? Cheers Martyn
  14. It would be really useful to have an indicator column when viewing Portal Account List (Guest Accounts) to show if they are associated to a portal and there current status (active/suspended), a bit like the SLT column in the Request List. Perhaps a separate icon for Customer and Service Portals, coloured green is active, red is suspended and blank if not setup for the portal. Also being able to sort/group by this would also allow you to identify those accounts where are setup for different portals or have a certain status, though this could be done by tick boxes at the top of the list like in the Admin Settings screens. Cheers Martyn
  15. Hi all, We are new to using the Service Manager, but so far going well :-) A colleague of mine has asked if a ticket status can be changed to either ON HOLD, THIRD PARTY or AWAITING FEEDBACK? I see that changing values will alter the status from OPEN to RESOLVED or CLOSED, but I cannot see whether there is an option to customise this. Also keen to hear how other people manage tickets like this in their companies? I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks Lee Paine
  16. Following on from the work done in Service Manager (see post below) to show the status/availability of co worker when assigning requests, it would be useful to have the same details displayed in the 'Conversation' component of the Collaboration core. Cheers Martyn
  17. When you first login to your session in Service Manager and go to the Request List the Totals under the Filter window do not get populated with the number of records in the appropriate status. This will stay in this state until you click on the on one the status selections to get the totals to populate. From that point on the totals will then update when you change your selection within the Request List view for that session. However when login a fresh again the totals do not populate again until you manually click on other status selections. Can the totals be updates when the request list view first loads, as this has lead to some of our staff not realising they have a number of incidents at the 'New' status. I have replicated this on both Chrome and Firefox, so seems to be an application issue rather than browser one. Cheers Martyn
  18. Is it possible to report on the current workflow checkpoints completed against a request record? The reason being is that I want to check for request who status is resolved but the workflow is still showing at an earlier stage as manual activities have not been completed. Cheers Martyn
  19. Hi all, I have added status changes into our new starter BPM but they don't seem to be working. The BPM should check to see if a call is marked as 'Emergency' or not (which it does) and then set the status as either 'New' or 'Emergency Request' but it doesn't and the calls status stays as 'Open' (Screenshot 1 & 2) Also I have noticed that when creating a new view that the custom statuses don't come up in the list so I am unable to create a view on calls only with these statuses. (Screenshot 3 & 4) Any ideas? Thanks Dan
  20. We are attempting to implement a process where the analyst will put the incident on hold after carrying out their initial investigation task and either requesting the customer to provide more information or test to see if the issue is resolved. Therefore we want the process to suspend awaiting for change in status, i.e. status <> hold, so then a decision node can be used to determine the next task to be created depending on status it has been changed too. At the moment there is no suspend node to pause the task awaiting the status to change from its current value, therefore could this be raised as Request for Change. Thanks. Martyn
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