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Mailbox setup in Azure Exchange

Paul Morrow

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We are in the process of moving from on prem Lotus Notes to Azure Exchange.

Can anyone confirm if Hornbill Email Outbound Email Routing and Shared Mailbox connections requires us to have a servicedesk user mailbox (licenced) or a shared group mailbox?

Cheers Folks



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Hi @Paul Morrow

Thanks for your post. 

I'm afraid that I personally I'm not sure on licensing or mailbox type required within Azure.  From a Hornbill perspective, the Shared Mailboxes use IMAP4 or POP3 services to access incoming email along with encryption options and authentication to the IMAP4/POP3 mailbox.  Provided that the Azure shared mailbox can be connected to using these services, Hornbill should be able to work with the shared mailbox, but I can't comment on the Microsoft License requirements.



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