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Authorisations: Need to see attached documents

Dan Munns

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Hi all, 

In our Marketing process we have a number of authorisation nodes. Currently the Marketing team manually email the relevant attachments to the authorisers after the node has kicked off but this is obviously a horrible process. 

What I need is a way for the authorisers to be able to view the attachments without having to email them separately. All the authorisers are collaboration users only. And there are about 250 users who could raise a request.

Any ideas?



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2 minutes ago, Dan Munns said:

I have been told to do for urgent issues that haven't received a response via the forum

Yes, but what you are asking is a change in current functionality, is not something that service desk can assist with I'm afraid... I did raise this internally and mentioned that you are looking for feedback... I'll chase this again

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