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I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place... but here I go.

I would like to request the following features:

  • Set a users access to a team by date range. This will be particularly useful if someone is in a team and goes (or will go) on holiday and needs to give temporary access to someone to take over the tasks/requests.
  • Set a users access to a job role by date range. As above.
  • A table to show the history of changes to Job roles / organisation access, useful for audit purposes.

I've taken this as inspiration from other applications where you can set up access in advance.

By default when first assigning these accesses the start date will default to the current date, and the end date is blank. This will allow the user to maintain the date and time range for when the access becomes available before being disabled again.

In addition to the above, the history of these changes will be recorded in a table also accessible via the Users page in the Admin Portal.



cc. @Aaron Summers

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Good afternoon,

Bumping up an old post. Seems like this post was missed at Hornbill. Please could an Admin/Mod please amend the tag so it includes or is set to "Enhancement" so the developers can see this request. 

I have a need to set someone's Hornbill access, and they need it from Tuesday next week, but I am on leave next week. This person is moving from one role in the organization to a role that requires Hornbill access, and I'd very much rather not give them the access now, but I don't have much choice.

Having my requested feature would allow me and other users to prepare access in advance, for example for New Starters and Mover Requests.



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7 minutes ago, samwoo said:

Seems like this post was missed at Hornbill.

It hasn't been missed, but there's been no engagement on this so it's unlikely to move up the list.

If you're creating/updating Users on a nightly basis via the Import Tool you could relatively easily schedule a temporary import filtered for that User/those Users to add the changes to their account using Windows Task Scheduler.
If you're not, you could still set up the import for the duration anyway.


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