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Change request details- customer portal


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Good Morning All,

Is there a way to get the following fields on the details to show on the self service portal?

I know that the summary and description fields are set to primary but i cant see how i would go about making the others appear on the customer portal ?
we want to use this instead or building a form - however if not possible, i will transpose all to a custom form and  create our own progressive capture as we are currntly using the default.



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I do not believe this is currently possible, but the ability to determine if a custom field is displayed on the Customer Portal would be a great addition, but would require Hornbill to undertake development to do this.

Only workaround I can see would be output the information as a Timeline update via the BPM, which would allow you to inserted a formatted timeline update incorporating the answers to the PC Question and any other custom fields you have.



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