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  1. +1 we noticed this when testing first time today, the clock was disappearing from the request.
  2. EXCELLENT ! i will review later but for now that is perfect thanks fellas, massive thumbs up
  3. That would be great, do you know if you can report against this?
  4. Guys, in support works there use to be a default time spent button on each ticket. Do any of you know if this is available to be added in service manager somehow?? i would expect to see it in the update ticket field then with a total time spent on closing the ticket .... can this be added as a feature if its not already available as id like to measure my teams time spent on tickets to review skills gaps, issues. and costs James
  5. Does anyone know where i find the Application Cache button? I have been asked by support to click it using the admin account to apply a patch to our instance to fix and issue....
  6. So a question i have tried to find elsewhere online is what volumes are the norm for other service desk teams (1st/2nd line) We have 900 users , 5 Service Desk Analyst's closing both IR/SR My top analyst closes 200/250 cases per month to my lowest analyst 70-100 I'm just trying to work out what others do so i can figure out the best target KPI number to say they need to close per week/Month let me know
  7. Hello Deen, Can one of the team pick up on the case I raised please IN00158878 The additional info is added to the ticket
  8. think this is related : As I cant get onto https://success.hornbill.com/hornbill/servicemanager/ ERROR You have been disconnected from the server, would you like to re-authenticate your session? Note by clicking yes you will lose any unsaved changes.
  9. Thanks Deen… however my team advise me: "I tried this R script by followed the instruction given here but It’s not bringing data from hornbill, script does work for some reports but not works on others."
  10. We are also having the same issue. I have raised with support to look into and will post any info they can provide : )
  11. Good Morning All, Is there a way to get the following fields on the details to show on the self service portal? I know that the summary and description fields are set to primary but i cant see how i would go about making the others appear on the customer portal ? we want to use this instead or building a form - however if not possible, i will transpose all to a custom form and create our own progressive capture as we are currntly using the default.
  12. That works a treat! Thank you @ArmandoDM
  13. Guys, I have created a service in the service portfolio. from the below you can see i have made sure the CI is visible in the portals and are published. However in the customer portal it says no catalog item is set against it !?! I created a fresh TEST service and CI just to make sure and that didn't work either, however Samwoo tested his and and it works so i guess its localized just to me? I then added a new CI to another existing service and it shows up.... I suspect the head cold i have has gotten the better of me and i making a stupid mistake...?!?! also important to note this error is only on the self service portal as we can rasie a ticket against this service and ci on the analysts side.
  14. All, we still have a gotoif error showing on out IR's & SR's. We are on the latest update so i am not sure why this error is occurring.
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