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Turned off service descriptions still visible


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In https://admin.hornbill.com/axiell/settings/application/com.hornbill.servicemanager/
Description can be turned off in portal.

However when you go to the actual service the description is still there at the top of the page beneath the service title.

Bug or feature and in the latter case why does this not turn it off completely in the portal.

Our idea is to turn it off in portal but have service information available for analysts

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All of the "guest.servicemanager.portal.home.*" settings were added to control the layout on the home page of the portal e.g. icon sizes and which information should be shown in order that customers can tailor the view based on the number of services that are normally presented to their visitors.  There are currently no specific settings around the description visibility on the service details page.

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The Description field was provided as a way to provide a short description of the Service to both customers on the portals and to support staff so that the service is more easily identified.  The description is also provided within Progressive Capture when selecting a service.

If you are looking to provide some information that is only applicable to the support teams there are the custom fields that can be added to a service within the Extra Details section.  Do you think that these would work for you?




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