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BPM - Get request details - Closed by field?


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Is it possible to extend the list of fields available when retrieving the request details in a BPM?

What I am trying to achieve is detecting if the customer has closed the request him/herself via the self service portal. The idea is to send the customer an email to tell him that:

  • she / he did not respond in the last 3 working days
  • so we closed the call on his / her behalf
  • she / he has 20 days left to provide some feedback.

The ultimate goal is to get people to log onto the service portal a lot more often.

One of the method to do it is like so:



I would like to compare Flowcodes -> Customer to Flowcodes -> Closed By? 

Is that something you can help me with? I am happy with another new field too! Whatever is the easiest solution really :)


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