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Hornbill Cleaner - Requests backups

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Hello Izu,

Our backups are taken nightly so depending on when you run this we could recover from that nightly snapshot.  However, it is a very bad idea to have a level of uncertainty around what you are doing with this to need a backup. I have asked one of our engineers to look at this requirement and create a solution for you that is fully tested and does not require any custom configuration. The cleaner tool is generally used for clearing out test data before a go-live, we had not envisaged it would be used for what you want to do, but we understand the requirement.  give us a few days and we will see what we can work up. Someone will post back here with more details. 


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Hi Gerry,

We intend implementing a dryrun on our LIVE instance hence would like to confirm the level of risk with regards to performance and data.

Furthermore, you indicated above that your backups are taken nightly and on that basis; I would like to confirm when your backup complete. 



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I would suggest running such a process at quiet times, there will be some locking and stuff that would slow things down on a busy instance. As for data backups, we do have nightly snapshots, for EU instances they are generally complete by 3AM UTC, so I would suggest an early-morning clean-up would be a good time. 

The DRYRUN is non-destructive but will allow you to see what will be run against the database, this is not a heavy process and nothing gets locked during a dryrun. 


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