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  1. @Steve G The query that needs to be modified extracts assets from the SCCM database and the two fields mentioned above need to be included. Is it OK we make the change to the query in the Asset Import config file or should it be done by Hornbill?
  2. As we intend to extract the 'h_last_logged_on' and 'wMacAddress' fields via the config query. Please, could you let us know if we should proceed with amending the query?
  3. @Steve Giller Please, could you provide more information on how this can be configured? Rgds, Izu
  4. Thank you both for the feedback. @ArmandoDM Please, any response from the your team with regards to implementing this feature to the utility will be appreciated. Rgds, Izu
  5. How can we set Asset field values (i.e. used by and owned by) to null/blank via the CSV Asset Import utility
  6. A few weeks ago I raised a topic on this issue and I was informed that deleting of assets can be done via the Asset/List view or the Asset dialog/screen. Is there a way to implement a bulk delete of assets as we do have over 4000 assets to delete.
  7. I am looking forward to a response to this topic.
  8. We would like to know the steps required to delete some assets from Hornbill. These assets are no longer imported from our database (i.e. via the Hornbill import utility).
  9. How do we retrieve some asset field values from [h_cmdb_assets] table and load it into the the specific field in the Asset View in Hornbill.
  10. Please, could you explain the the new functionality mentioned below, that what would be achieved by implementing LDAP Import utility v3.9.0 Change: Added support for Object SID Conversion as a Pre Import Action
  11. @Ehsan, Please, could you confirm when this patch (mentioned in your correspondence above) will be implemented. Resolving this issue is critical/urgent for out IT department as raising CRs has now been kept on-hold. Rgds, Izu
  12. The Asset Import utility v1.9.0 was executed to test the removal of values for a specific field using the '__clear__' as clearcolumn in the SQL statement within the config file but it does seem that the utility inserts a new duplicate record for each asset record instead of updating the existing asset by clearing the value in the existing field.
  13. A user has identified that emails sent to a Hornbill shared mailbox is received successfully but it does not have the sender's details which is required when creating a new request.
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