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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I have already raised a request with Hornbill Support.
  2. @James Ainsworth, This issue (Could not connect to Server...) has persisted for a couple of days now and I would like to know if we should try the option of implementing re-indexing? Rgds, Izu
  3. I would like to know how to retrieve the columns and datatypes of a table used in a report. I used the desc [Tablename] keyword in the Database Direct query window but nothing was retrieved.
  4. @Victor, We have been receiving this error message 'Could not connect to server' within last 20 minutes and its seems to be affecting everyone. Rgds, Izu
  5. @Steve G, Thanks for the feedback. Rgds, Izu
  6. @Victor, Please, could you let me know who is in-charge so I can contact the person. Rgds, Izu
  7. @Victor, With regards to this issue; there is a correction. It has been confirmed that the mailbox is in use and what is required is an auto response to a new email to log a request to the service desk mailbox with a message asking them to use the self-service portal but there are some exceptions to the rule. I look forward to your feedback on this matter. Rgds, Izu
  8. @Victor, We are still waiting on your feedback with regards to the release of the new/updated version of the utility. Rgds, Izu
  9. @Victor, I am unable to access the information above you added as it does state 'Sorry we can't show this content because you do not have permission to see it'. Rgds, Izu
  10. @Victor, Thanks for the update. I created a similar topic to this one but that with regards to SupportWorks data but I can't find the topic. Please, could you update me on that as well. Rgds, Izu
  11. @Victor I have not received a feedback on this issues. Please, could you confirm when the utility will be available? Rgds, Izu
  12. Please, could you confirm that the fix to the product defect (ref: PM00155016) has been implemented and the update version of the Hornbill Cleaner utility is available?
  13. @Paul Davis, My question was where to I check to see the version of the most recent update and the details of the fixes in that version. I have know that the HSM tab in the App Store as shown above can provide such information but I do not want to click on it in case that triggers an update. The reason is, I have to raise a change request prior to implementing the update. Rgds, Izu
  14. @Steve G, I have got the schedule auto-generate request at different times hence ignore my last correspondence. Rgds, Izu
  15. @Victor, Thanks for the feedback. It does seem that we are on the standard edition hence we are unable to apply any of steps you mentioned above. I would like to know the specific user permission that allows a user to add a device in the standard edition as removing that permission would resolve the issue. Rgds, Izu
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