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  1. @Victor, I have had a look at the entity viewer but there is no option to script out the table definition. Please, advice. Rgds, Izu
  2. @Victor, Please, could you advice on this issue. Rgds, Izu
  3. As the table needs to be defined in the database prior to running the data export process; Is it possible to extract the exact Hornbill table definition rather than rely on the definition generated by the import/export process which utilises generic values?
  4. The API Scheduler 1.3.0 executable is not available to download from https://github.com/hornbill/goAPIScheduler
  5. I was unable to find the CHANGELOG for V3.2 as I want know what fixes and new functionality has been implemented. Please, could you let me know where to find the information. Rgds, Izu
  6. Some users are linked to more assets or one asset multiple times in the LIVE instance as compared to the TEST instance. The assets uploaded to the LIVE and TEST instance were retrieved from the same source database. It is essential that the two instances reflect information that is similar and is up-to-date.
  7. @Steve Giller, Please, could you let me know your feedback with regards to my last post. Rgds, IZu
  8. @Steve Giller, Please, could you confirm if the Asset Import V1.7.3 still uses the conf.json file or has the confirguration been moved to the Cloud as it is with the LDAP Import? Rgds, Izu
  9. @Steve Giller Thanks for the feedback. Please, could you let me know how to make the 'Asset Management' menu option available in our Test instance? Rgds, Izu
  10. We are currently running the Asset Import utility V1.3.2 and have observed that the most recent version of the utility is V1.7.3. Please, could you let me know benefit of any new functionality/fix in V1.7.3 Rgds, Izu
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I have already raised a request with Hornbill Support.
  12. @James Ainsworth, This issue (Could not connect to Server...) has persisted for a couple of days now and I would like to know if we should try the option of implementing re-indexing? Rgds, Izu
  13. I would like to know how to retrieve the columns and datatypes of a table used in a report. I used the desc [Tablename] keyword in the Database Direct query window but nothing was retrieved.
  14. @Victor, We have been receiving this error message 'Could not connect to server' within last 20 minutes and its seems to be affecting everyone. Rgds, Izu
  15. @Steve G, Thanks for the feedback. Rgds, Izu
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