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Notify external email address node failing

Michael Risby

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We have recently changed our release process in hornbill, so releases are authorised by users with collaboration licenses so do not have service manager access.

the authorisation works well but when the BPM attempts to continue it errors on sending email notification with the below:

2018-11-12 14:56:33Z [INFO]:[PROFILE]:[4820] Method Call: apps:notifyEmailExternalAddress (46500754714)
2018-11-12 14:56:33Z [INFO]:[SECURITY]:[4820] The analyst [charlottem] has no rights to use the application [com.hornbill.servicemanager]
2018-11-12 14:56:33Z [WARNING]:[SYSTEM]:[4820] XMLMC Request Failed: Your session does not have rights to the 'com.hornbill.servicemanager' application

The user charlottem is a collaboration user so it is correct that she is not able to send the email, but is it correct that the BPM is attempting to do this as the user who authorises the release?

The workflow looks as below:


Worth mentioning the stage checkpoint gets set successfully and fails on the "Maintenance notification" node and if i re-trigger the bpm it does then work as intended.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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@Michael Risby,

To perform an action in the Service Manager App, it is required for the user to have access to the App. I would suggest for you to add a Human Task and assign it to the Request owner or a supervisor, after the Release Approval node.

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Below, I have illustrated how this can be achieved. I have used Entity > Requests > Get Request Information > Request Details Automated Task to get the Request's details and use the variable picker to automatically assign the Request's owner to the task.

Screenshot 2018-11-13 at 14.39.41.png

Used the Variable option in the Assign To property to the task to pick the Request's owner.

Screenshot 2018-11-13 at 14.42.49.png

Screenshot 2018-11-13 at 14.41.11.png

I hope this helps.


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Thanks Ehsan, ok i see how that would work, but it seems odd to confirm the authorisation, if possible i would like to avoid any manual human tasks and automate as much as i can.

would it not work if i did an automated task node to assign the owner of the call back to the person who logged the call?

I guess my confusion here comes from why the authoriser is the user trying to call the email notification node, i would have expected the owner of the call would be used by the BPM not the last user to perform an action.

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@Michael Risby A collaboration user who is not granted the right to view Service Manager App will not be able to perform a Service Manager action and re-assigning the Request owner includes this, unfortunately.

A correction in my previous screenshot; Entity > Requests > Get Request Information > Request Details Automated Task needs to be positioned before the Release Approval node as this Automated Task will also require the right to view Service Manager App. Unfortunately the only alternative is to gate the Authorisation node with a manual Human Task.

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