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Closure categories that are not in use


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I am trying to find out which closure categories have not been used so that we can remove some of the older ones that we are not logging requests against.

What is the best way of achieving this? I would guess a report but am not sure where to begin, I created a view to show me the ones in use but as there are so many it's difficult to work it out.

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  • Victor changed the title to Closure categories that are not in use


Closure categories/profiles configuration is stored in h_sys_profiles table. You need to look for all records where h_pid = 2. This is the SQL query used to retrieve all these:

SELECT ... FROM h_sys_profiles WHERE h_pid = 2

To retrieve a list of unused categories you would need a report that JOINs this table with h_itsm_requests table and to return records from profiles table that do not match a record in requests table...

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