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Assigning Requests with Open Activities


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We've had  a query from a few of our users with regards to activities.

As part of most of our business processes, activities are generated and set to assign to the owner of the request at that time. Say, for example, that the request is re-assigned as the owner is on leave - the activity remains assigned to the old owner.

Is there a way to automatically re-assign that activity to the new owner when the request is re-assigned? Or, is it just a case of the new owner completing the activity when the request is re-assigned? If that is the case, could you confirm which roles grant the permission to complete activities on behalf as others please.



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Hi @Lauren

Tasks won't automatically follow the owner, they will stay with who they were assigned to in the bpm.

You can look at the following system setting:


which allow's other users to complete tasks assigned to someone else, please carefully read the considerations when using this option which are documented on the wiki:



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