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Filter on 'Get All Sites'


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I want to create a 'New location' field that uses the Get All Sites Data Query on a progressive capture. I would like to filter it based on the Site Type because I don't want all the sites to show. For example, if I don't want Private Property locations to show.

How can I do this please? I know there is a Filter option, but if I enter the Site Types that I want to use, it doesn't work.

Many thanks,

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Hi @Alisha

I have been through and tested this along with a couple of the developers here, and it is definitely a 'Default Value' field rather than a filter at the moment. This has been raised and the label will be changed ASAP.

However, in terms of your requirement for a custom filter, we are very much aware of how useful this will be to our customers and as such we are planning to build in this functionality. From what I understand we are currently deciding how to best introduce it to the system, so as and when we are able to work on this and we have an idea of timeframes we will post back here to let you know. 

Kind regards


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