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Process around external organisations and contacts management


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We work with external customers worldwide and expect to, when we have completed our roll-out, handle around 3000 customer organisations in Hornbill and their linked contacts. We went live with our first offices on August 1st so we now have some experience of working with the system and our analysts and admins - though overall very positive - experience some frustration when it comes to the organisation and contact management as well as linking to services. 

This is the feedback we have compiled:

The process of adding new organisations and contacts as well as linking them to services and enabling portal access is very cumbersome. 
We would like the following improvements to this process:
- To be able to link services directly to the organisation when we create the organisation, from the organisation.
- To be able to view and update which services an existing organisation is subscribing to directly from the organisation.
- To be able to set organisation view as default for an organisation (on organisation level) - also when the customer has not yet logged any tickets.
- To be able to set portal access and login id directly when creating a contact (in the same form)

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Some of your feedback echos our experience as well, as we too are a predominantly external facing support service, with about just under a half of the organisation volume you have.

Though there has been some improvements abut viewing service subscriptions, the subscription process itself is still only able to be set from the Service end.

Hopefully as more of us utilise the tool for external support we can increase the focus on the organisation/contact and customer portal elements of the platform.






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