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Turn off notifications for scheduled report updates


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Hi all,

Is it possible to turn off Hornbill notifications for scheduled reports?

Currently I'm getting flooded with notifications for a report that updates on a schedule every 15 minutes. I've turned off all Document related notifications within my profile settings but it doesn't seem to have made any difference.

Thanks in advance

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11 minutes ago, Victor said:

@dwalby a report scheduled to run every 15 min...

ryan reynolds hd GIF

@Victor I've created this report as a workaround to the inability for users to view requests within their department. As you're probably aware, currently only managers can view the requests of their reportees.

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Hi @dwalby i can replicate and it does not look like there is an option to turn off the notifications for '''New Version''' - i have asked to see if this is something which can be added, and we will let you know.

If you are not the owner of the document, and you Unfollow the document timeline this should also remove the notifications 

Follow on from Victor's comment - is there a need for updating this report every 15 minutes?  i appreciate you are looking to provide a report which you share on the portal to users, but i just wanted to flag that you will be adding quite a lot of documents taking this approach and each document will add to your used storage capacity - obviously you get 30GB included and you can add to this at 20p per GB per month, but adding 4 documents every hour, 24 hours every day will obviously add to your storage use, and if replicated for other reports could quickly grow, so wondering if the regular frequency is needed?


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@Steven Boardman - One of our departments need to be able to view and extract information from a 'live' version of all data breach incidents reported within their department to report to a governing 3rd party. In this scenario, those viewing the report are not necessarily a manager of ALL of the staff within the department reporting data breach incidents, so the 'View my teams requests' section of the portal isn't sufficient. I've therefore created this report, with a 15 minute refresh schedule and published to the Documents section of the portal.

Any suggestions on how else to approach this would be greatly appreciated.

I've unfollowed the timeline as suggested for the meantime.

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