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Multiple Call Actions - Tasks left

Josh Bridgens

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Hi All,

I'm currently going through a clean-up stage of Service Manager.


I have 450 calls which are sat in our teams queues as "resolved" and will never automatically close, they are calls which have unfortunately got broken BP's and people have not bothered to tell me, some have got only half the tasks finished as users decided to work round doing the tasks and have resolved the calls.


My first idea was to highlight all of the calls and mass-close them, however every few that I click the options disappear.



I imagine this is due to some of them having tasks left etc.


Does anyone know how to give myself the functionality to do so/ a faster method?



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@Josh Bridgens you might want to have a look at the wiki on multi-select options


By default restrictions exist to only allow actions against the same request type (which looks like Incidents in your screen shot), but also only if they are logged against the same service.

There are system settings you can disable to allow actions across request type and services - even if you only wanted to do this whilst you were tidying up

Hopefully this will give you somewhere to start


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