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Assigning members to requests?


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Good morning guys - happy Monday!

Please could I get some clarity around how members in tickets work?

We currently have a situation that is happening fairly frequently whereby staff members are asking the ability to review jobs their manager has logged. We thought, rather than reassigning the customer of the job, we could add the staff member as a 'member' to the job so they could also see info?

Can you confirm if this works for a Basic user? As I'm writing this... I think I've just remembered it only works with Users, but wanted to double check.

If this doesn't work, is there any other way the individual could get updates on that particular one rather than us reassigning or them calling us up for updates?

At the moment, we have sent the individual an email from within the job and asked them to reply to that specific email (with the reference # in the subject) to update the job and request updates, but wanted something more permament than this.

Thanks for reading my Monday ramble, hoping they get more succinct as the week goes on! :P


cc: @Gemma Morrison

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Hi @lokent

Thanks for your post.

the Member feature is only for use with other Service Manager users.  When adding someone as a member, the results displayed should only show users that have a Service Manager role assigned to them.  If that is not the case then we will need to look at restricting this to the correct set of users. 

The Member feature can be used in two ways.  The first is to grant someone that is outside of your team and does not support the services that you support the rights to view that request.  This is useful when looking to bring in expertise from another team to a particular issue, without having to expose all the requests.  The second use is just to list those people that may be involve in resolving an issue or working together on a change.

The Member feature does not allow none Service Manager users to see the request, including both full users and basic users.

We do have a change in our backlog to work with the Connections feature.  Connections are used to add other customers that might be interested or impacted by the request.  At the moment there is only an option to email connections, either from the Email Action or using the BPM Operations.  Our planned change will look to provide a way to make more information about the request visible to the connected users.  Until this change is available, you may be able to use the connections to help with your email notifications.  




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