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Service portal - services list?

lee mcdermott

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I have just applied the latest update and noticed that the majority of services in service portal now seem to all show across one level with the show more services underneath.

Is this an intentional change?

Also I know it was mentioned a while ago that there may be work to get rid of the show more services bit and have the ability to show all services on the page and just be able to scroll down the page.

Has this been implemented? If so how do you enable it to work like that?



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Hi @lee mcdermott

In the latest Service Manager update we introduced the ability for you to customise the number, size and detail of the service icons which appear.

This is all controlled through system settings which are detailed at the bottom of the following wiki page.

In essence you can set the number of service icons which appear (set to 6 by default), choose if the icons are small, medium or large and then decide if you want to display attributes such as:

* Service Description

* Active Request count

* Service Status

* Show More 

Against each Service icon


Hope that helps 


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