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Scheduled Tasks - Beta


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I noticed this morning that Scheduled activities and now in Beta. Looks great and we have been able to schedule an activity.

How do I look at completed tasks. I can see there is a reference number in the log file (e.g. TSK20180409000003) but unsure where I can view them


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@Kelvin one approach you could take is using the My Activity boards views and creating a board view and lists for the scheduled activities, similar to the below.

The first list shows me tasks which contain certain text in the title or a category which are complete - so this could be your completed scheduled tasks.

The second list shows me those which are overdue (see conditions in second screen shot below)

The third list showing me what is due today again based on an active status and matching text in the title or category of the task 


Conditions for the Overdue list 


Hope that helps



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We have been testing Scheduled tasks for a little while now and all seems to be going well. As @Steven Boardman suggested we are using the activity board to monitor the completed/outstanding tasks. Is there a  way to set criteria on the outcome button. e.g we have 2 options on most activities either Completed or Issue Raised and would like to see these separated on different boards.

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