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Handling of Leavers


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Can I request a change for the user profile screen please?

Previous process in Supportworks for us would be for the service desk to set a user to Left the company.  Obviously they can't do this in Service Manager without admin access but I'm aware this can be automated with another LADP user import where disabled AD accounts would in turn be set to archived in Service Manager.

I'd like the service desk to be able to check that this import has worked and set the user to archived in Service Manager.  I thought they could just check the user record which they do have access to but unfortunately the users status doesnt appear and it also doesnt appear to be an option that can be added on that view.  Obviously something might go wrong with this import so thats why I would like a manual check.

Can you make the user status available in the user view please (the view that is present when you click on the customers username from a ticket?



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