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Auto CC on email or two emails for contact


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I raised this  over a year ago and just wanted to see if there was any new functionality since that I have missed. Basically we have a need sometimes to copy in a general mailbox when a call is raised by a particular customer(s) at present we ask 2nd \ 3rd line to manually cc in the general mailbox contact (I know people having to do manual things :-) ) which is fine but sometimes people forget. Is there any way of having so that when people send an email from the call that it auto includes a second email or that a contact has two emails and the email gets sent to both?


Thanks in advance


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Hi Chris,

There is no additional functionality as of yet to automatically includes users in the CC of an email being sent from a request.  There has been discussions around the automatic inclusion of Connections in outgoing email.  This is still being considered but not yet scheduled. Do you think that included Connections in the CC of outgoing email would work for you. 

My only concern about automatically adding CC'd users is that automation may lead to someone receiving sensitive information that they shouldn't have.  It can be a lot easier to send a late email to somebody that was missed being CC'd than it is to backtrack from sending sensitive date to a distribution list.

Using the BPM you should be able to include an automated email to a general mailbox based on the customer.  If the CC recipients are Hornbill users then you might also have some other options with following, mentions, workspaces,  and Hornbill Mobile app notifications.





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