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Date/Time Picker - Odd values


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By default it will put in the current time. The time format is configured via your profile, so would be worth changing it to HH:MM rather than HH:MM:SS, as this will at least save a a third of the effort to set it.

We have raised previously about having the ability to just enter a time manually (see post below).





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@Martyn Houghton I told dev team about this. Possible solution/idea here, what I used to and still do with this date/time controller when putting the request on hold is having the time value (e.g. 10:30:00) typed in in Notepad for example. When putting the request on hold, I go to Notepad, copy the value, then paste it into the time controller... not sure if it helps but I thought it might be worth mentioning... ;) 

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