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Good morning,

Since 8PM last night we have been unable to process any emails from our IT Support email address mailbox to the Hornbill mail queue. 

All the emails are just storing up in the Outlook Mailbox but not processing across to the hornbill mailbox for us to create/assign tickets. 

Our infrastructure team have had a look from our end and have asked if you try and connect to us as we want to see if there is an underlying network issue our end or if it is an issue your end? Any help would be greatly appreciated! 



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In the admin tool, navigate to Home -> System -> Email -> Shared Mailboxes -> (your mailbox)

Click on the "Inbound Mail Services" tab and you should see one or more mail connector configurations (either IMAP4 or POP3)

Open up the connecter and you will see a "Test" button, that will try to connect and if it fails (which it most likely will) it will give you some diagnostics information. 

We cannot see any problems our end so its most likely something internal to your network/firewall/mail server, 

Let us know what you find. 


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