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Error on Self-service password reset request


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Users are unable to reset their passwords via self service.  The password reset e-mail is generated.  On selecting the 'confirm password reset' URL, the reset password screen appears.  On submission of the 'new' and 'retype' passwords the error "Error Invalid or unknown password reset request" is displayed (see attached screenshot).

This was working yesterday without issues.  Any idea why this is now failing?



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Guest joaquin

Hi ShalilK,

It is possible that the user has the selfservice instance locked.
Can you check if it is locked?

To check that, please open the customer form of the person who is trying to reset the password from supportworks client.
Then go to the Service Desk Access tab.


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@ShalilK this thread was created in Supportworks section hence @joaquin reply...

To answer your query, the message you see can be as a result of the reset token expiring. By default, the reset token is valid for 24 hours, unless the setting was changed. When was the password reset URL generated and when was the action actually performed?

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