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  1. Hello Ehsan, I have created several SR's and they seem to be resolving as expected, once the associated task has been completed. I had forgotten that, as part of Victor's original fix, the BPM was amended to include a one minute delay between the task completing and the SR getting resolved by System Internal Context. Hence thinking the first test SR did not resolve as soon as the task was completed! I appreciate your help and prompt response. I will monitor the system over the next week or so and coma back to you if the issue shows up again with actual analysts/collaboration users. Regards Shalil
  2. Ehsan, the earlier parent test SR I created has gone to 'resolved' status. Please let me complete more checks and I will come back to you.
  3. That's correct Ehsan. Once the task is completed the request should automatically get resolved. The collaboration user is assigned the Collaboration, Self Service and the custom barnetestates_mailbox_collaborationonly roles.
  4. Hello Ehsan I have updated Service Manager to the latest release. However, this has reintroduced the bug I raised under my activity Request BP does not progress when completing tasks following latest update (parent requests are not being resolved when the corresponding child task has been resolved by a collaboration user (assigned the collaboration role). The child task gets resolved, however, the parent request remains open with resolution timer still active). The test SR I created this morning is SR00004776. Please refer to the above activity thread, where Victor custom fixed our site to resolve the issue. It appears the issue has not yet been resolved permanently by your development team. Can Victor's fix be reapplied as a matter of urgency? Until then, the parent request will remain in open status (thus affecting SLAs) even though the tasks have been closed by our collaboration users. Regards Shalil Test SR snapshot;
  5. Hi, We have a few service requests that generate a BPM error as below; Others SR's with a similar message are SR00004312 SR00004321 SR00004333 SR00004488 SR00004622 Can this please be investigated? Thank you.
  6. Victor, that may well have been the case. The working calendar hours are 9 to 5. The requests got resolved soon after 9am. I will continue testing and let you know if I hit any more issues. Thanks for all your help.
  7. Victor, the three test requests I raised this morning have just got resolved.
  8. Victor, it is not a problem making the collaboration user as a member of a supporting team. I just tested this and the request is being left open now, one or more minutes after the task has been completed. This is now happening in the production services as well as the Sandbox. I no longer get the BPM invocation error as soon as the task is completed. Has your workaround for the one minute suspension been undone?
  9. Victor, the Ignore did not work. However, setting From Status to Manual Open worked as expected. Thanks. Please let me know when I can test the BPs in the non Sandbox Service portfolio once fixed.
  10. One more thing: I have added the 1 min delay in the two stage closure in Review and Close (see below). I reopened a call and re-resolved it to test the 1 min delay here. I managed to generate the error, even though the request is in the Sandbox Service. Service request: SR00003900
  11. Victor, I can confirm after testing a couple of the other BPs in the Sandbox Service portfolio the issue lies with the other Service Portfolios - the BPs worked in the Sandbox Service portfolio, whereas they failed when tested in their original portfolio.
  12. Morning Victor, issue has cropped up again. The suspend is not happening. The BP FAC Facilities Service Request (Victor) is working fine in the 'Sandbox Service' Portfolio where I tested your initial fix. However after making the BP live in the 'Facilities Management Service' Portfolio, I get the following error; I amended the rest of our Live BP's and tried a couple in the Live area and get the same issue. Can this please be investigated? I will configure a couple of the BPs that I amended in the 'Sandbox Service' Portfolio to further clarify if the issue is specific to the other portfolios.
  13. Victor, yes all BPs have the same steps implemented. Thanks for the offer for doing this. Don't worry, I will get all done this afternoon. The others do not have as many options as the Facilities BP. Once again, thanks for sorting this out.
  14. Victor, Parent requests now resolves once task has been completed. Thanks for sorting this out. Just to confirm, I still need to add the one minute delay/suspension in all our BPM's?
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