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Can't close a reopened request

Stuart Torres-Catmur

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The request shown in the attached screenshots is showing in my Open Requests list even though in every other area, it shows as Closed.

The request had been re-opened and assigned to me for action.  I duly completed this and resolved the request.  Normally the BPM would then close it.

How can I close this request please?

cannot close - list view.PNG

cannot close - request view.PNG

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Hi @Stuart Torres-Catmur

Unless your business process has been been configured to manage two stage closures then the request being re-opened and put back into an open status will not interact with the business process or the progress tracker at the top of the request.  So would not automatically go from resolved to closed a second time (if you had that originally configured in your business process)

Now if you have the rights to resolve the request, you should also see a Close option available under the resolution (tick) action item on the request tool bar which will allow you to manual close the request. 

If you wanted to allow and manage the concept of either a two stage closure or to manage (in the business process) the re-opening logic then you can look at using the Suspend > Wait for status change which is documented on the wiki in the business process options:  https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_Manager_Business_Process_Workflow

There is a working example of this on our sandbox instance which you can access on our website which as shown below uses this logic once a request has been placed in a resolved status but is then reopened (in this example by the customer), but it allows for re-opening of the request once resolved, and also for auto-closure if the customer is happy, or does not respond for a period of time - this example will loop round and round happily and will interact with the progress tracker on the request 

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 14.47.53.png

You can login to the sandbox instance instance to take a look (admin.hornbill.com/demo) user grahamc and password: H0rnbill looking at the mac-slow-performance business process, or you can upload the process definition to your instance for testing if you prefer (attached)

Hope this helps



mac-slow-performance.bpm (1).txt

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