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Issue with Variables not pulling through on emails


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Hi, we have an issue that has been brought to our attention on 3 occasions now whereby variables aren't pulling through on emails.  The issue seems to occur on one particular email where the customer has entered an email address in a ProCap and it then generates an email to this address (I've included an example below of the error).  When I look into this there is nothing wrong with the variables in the email template and then when I test it again it seems to work fine so not sure why this is occurring?  Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks



Hi Sam


Please see below, this is an email received by a manager. Are we able to find out why the request details come out like that?


Dear Colleague


Mark Inger has logged a request under reference SR00002020 and has asked that a copy of the query be emailed to you for your information.


Request Details


Query Type: {{.H_custom_a}}


Employee Name: {{.H_custom_b}}


Employee Number: {{.H_custom_c}}


Query Details: {{.H_custom_e}}



Kind regards,


The Payroll & HR Admin Team

Business Support

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@SJEaton for request 2020 there are no values stored in the database for custom A to E fields...  Looking at one of the mapped questions:  Enter the details of your query in the space provided below, it has quite a bit of text.. custom fields can only store 255 characters currently if the text exceeded this limit, question answers will not be saved in custom fields... So this is what happened on 2020, no data stored in custom fields, no values for the template.

My advice would be to limit the input to answers which are mapped to custom fields using the REGEX validation.


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47 minutes ago, SJEaton said:

A is a drop down should definitely shouldn't exceed this and B and C are single line text fields

@SJEaton if only one field exceeds the limit then all mapping fails...on all fields. Is because the mapping procedure does all the fields in one go...

43 minutes ago, SJEaton said:

For E, I don't want to limit the characters as we ask for as much info from the customer as possible and don't want to restrict them.  Can I pull through what is entered in this field in another way at all?

Well, if the final purpose is to have this information available in an email template variable then you need to use request custom fields. So, you need the mapping... so no, you cant pull the information in another way with current functionality. So restricting the input to 255 characters is the only current alternative... 

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