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Risk Owner / Asssignee and PM's

Darren Rose

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Would it be possible to have a Risk Owner and /or a Risk Assignee Field on the Risk Section? 

Also, I noticed that the following field is empty on the Projects table -  h_project_projects->Project Manager Id

Should this be populated with person that's listed as the Project Manager in the list of project stakeholders? 

I can also add more than on PM to a project. Should that be limited to only one Project Manager on the project? 



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Thanks again for your post @Darren Rose.

When we first started developing Project Manager we had the view that there would be just a single PM per project. That soon evolved when we encountered numerous scenarios where you may have more than one PM on any one project. The project manager id column shouldn't be in the table anymore as it's not used for anything so I will ask our development team to remove that for future builds.

Regarding limiting the number of PM's on a project, maybe this is something that would work well with the Project Type?



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Hi Alex

I agree there could may be scenarios where more than one PM could be working on the project, but there should really always one accountable person that is overall responsible for delivery of the project, but isn't necessarily the project sponsor either. 

There is a Project Manager listed at the top of the project, which is kind of what we're after from a reporting perspective. When we review the list of all projects, knowing who the key responsible person is would be ideal. 



Any ideas on the Risk Owner / Assignee question? 





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