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We are unable to assign tasks to someone which is not in the same team. This was working before. Don't know since when this stopped working.

Any idea why this is happening? Has there been a change / setting I need to enable for this?

Kind regards,


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@m.vandun how is the task being assigned? Is it via the BP configuration or by manually editing the task and re-assigning it? I assume you are referring to tasks associated with requests... I am not entirely sure if the below setting has anything to do with this, might be worth a try...



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Hi @m.vandun

Thanks for your post. 

I've been trying to replicate your issue but so far I have not been able to.  If possible, could you proved some more detail? I'd be interested to know if it is assignment when you first create an activity, re-assigning an existing activity, if the user you are trying to assign it to is not available in the assignment user search.  Also just to confirm that the person you are trying to assign it to is not a Basic User. 



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