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request costs, charges and codes


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Is there a way for Service desk staff to add a £ cost and a four digit cost code to a request which could be reported on after the request has been raised by the customer and thus the progressive capture part is finished?

Our IT department recharges the other departments for lots of standard services and for engineer's time.  in our previous system (supportworks) we were able to enter a cost and a cost code into fields in each request so that at the end of each month  we could run a report for our finance team listing the reference numbers of chargeable requests, the cost of the work and the cost code we wish to recharge.

I cannot seem to find a good way of doing this in Service Manager so wondered if anyone else has managed to find a way of doing this?

thanks all



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Hi @JBasey

It is possible to add some custom fields to a request.  There is this wiki page for the Form Designer.  It is a bit dated so I'm going to look to re-write this and possibly add a new video.  Hopefully it will give you enough insight so you can decide if this will work for your scenario.

I hope that helps.




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