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Is there a way to manually type in the time and date when you put requests on hold?


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Hi team,

Is there a way to manually type in the date and time when you put requests/incidents on hold? I can scroll the date and time down, but not enter it in manually.

We currently use SupportWorks and it's something I use every time I put a call on hold.

Kind regards,


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Hi Mojahdm,

Thanks for your post.  From what I can see, the On-hold until date and time controls required that they are selected using the provided controls and not manually typed in.  It is possible that this approach was taken to ensure that there were no errors when entering the date or time.  The date and time formats can be set for each individual user in the User Profile Settings.  This may have also contributed to having it behave this way as from one user to the next, the format of the input could be different.

I will feed this back into the developers.  I'm aware that there are other date fields that do allow the text input of the date and time.  The behaviour should be consistent.  




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