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Guest gregmarcroftorc

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Guest gregmarcroftorc

Is there a way to create a contact group like in Outlook?

I want to be able to just add a load of contacts in to a group and then select the group rather than manually enter each email address when sending out an email.



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Hi @gregmarcroftorc, @samwoo,

At the moment there is no option to do this, BUT... We do have change to do something similar to what you need.

The idea is to allow sending an email from the organisations view, so you will select one or many organisations and from there you can get their contacts. In there you will be able to send an independent email to all the contacts in that list.

That will also allow using a template so you will be able to personalize a bit the email with the contact details if you want.

Unfortunately this will not come in to our 3 months scope but is definitely going to be done.

Is that what you were thinking?



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